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Tree Preservation, Collingwood, ON

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Keep your trees around for future generations to enjoy with our tree preservation service.

Because we are tree experts and arborists here at WillowStone, you might have already guessed that we have a soft spot for trees– especially the ones here in Collingwood, Ontario! There’s nothing quite like the majesty of a fully grown, mature tree. When possible, we like to give all trees the chance to make it to their full potential. For this reason, we have tree preservation services that we offer our clients in order to help keep trees around for future generations to enjoy.

Tree Preservation in Collingwood, Ontario

When at all possible, we want to help with tree preservation. This means we will do whatever we can for tree preservation, leaving the removal of the tree only as a last resort. With our 33 years of being in business, we have seen almost everything you can imagine when it comes to trees. We have the knowledge and experience that help us to determine which trees can be saved and which can’t. With our help, you might just be able to save a tree with our tree preservation services.

Even if parts of the tree must be removed, say to make room for power lines or prevent danger to property underneath, we can do this in such a way that we can preserve the tree when possible. This means careful and expert pruning of the branches to preserve the integrity of the structure of the tree, while also working to keep the tree attractive and symmetrical. If you have a question about a tree on your property, we want to hear from you. Contact us today!