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Protect your trees with proper disease control.

Mature trees are a beautiful addition and element of any property. Whether you have young saplings on your property or your trees have reached maturity, you want them to live long, healthy lives. Not only do these trees beautify your yard and provide much-needed shade in the heat of summer, but they also add value to your property.

Disease Control in Collingwood, Ontario

However, your trees are always at risk of succumbing to common tree diseases that can harm their interior, bark, branches, or leaves. Protect your trees and their long-term health with our disease control solutions at WillowStone. We are familiar with the many types of diseases that affect trees in the Collingwood, Ontario area, and we are here to provide effective treatment and solutions.

Some of the diseases we offer treatment for include black knot, anthracnose, Dutch elm disease, and many others. We look at each tree individually, watching for signs that a disease has started to take over, and recommend effective, customized solutions that will help the tree continue to thrive once more. We can also help with disease control prevention, so you can prevent a disease from taking hold and harming your trees in the first place.

Trees are a large investment, and you do not want to lose any of the trees on your property to a harmful disease. Let us help with disease control to keep your trees healthy, strong, and beautiful for years to come. Contact us today to set up an appointment with a member of our tree care team.

At WillowStone, we provide tree disease control services for residents of Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Meaford, Mulmur, Owen Sound, Thornbury, and Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

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