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Individuals and companies spend many thousands of dollars on trees and shrubs, only to potentially lose a large part of their investment when the replacement of unhealthy plants becomes necessary. Most of these losses could be prevented by proper analysis and maintenance, not only of the plants, but also of the environment in which they grow.

Our technical approach to plant care will ensure the long-lasting health of your landscape.

 Whether you are considering a new landscape renovation or require corrective pruning, disease and insect diagnosis and control, or consulting services, all of your landscape management needs can be met with us.

Our mission at WillowStone is to take a methodical approach to plant health care in Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, and surrounding areas. Our first step is to analyze and report before we remediate the health of plants, shrubs and trees. We can then provide you with long-term, seasonal or short-term care required to maximize your investment in your landscape. Our approach to plant health care and planting comes with years of experience and formal training.


Landscape Development and Management

Landscape Renovation

Landscape Renovation

Let us help inject new life into a tired and dated landscape.

Plant Care

Plant Care

Proper care throughout a plant’s developmental process will ensure that it comes to maturity in optimal health

Landscape Maintenance

Emerald ash borer control

We specialize in detecting, protecting, and preventing the emerald ash borer from destroying your property’s trees.

Tree & Shrub Analysis

Tree & Shrub Analysis

Tree & shrub health analysis is an incredibly beneficial aspect of landscape management and development for any property.

Plant Care
Plant Care
Plant Care
Plant Care

Proper plant care is a crucial part of any landscape management regimen.

At WillowStone, we take a methodical approach to your tree & shrub care and believe that there are several important steps to ensure that you have healthy, vibrant trees for the long-term.

We analyze the form and structure of your trees from a safety perspective and perform plant health assessments.

Tree & shrub analysis is an incredibly beneficial aspect of landscape maintenance and development for any property.

Client Testimonials

“Analysis of the trees, both written and verbal, was clear and informative. Responded promptly to emails and completed work as promised. We have confidence that our trees are in good hands.”

– Richard R.

“Prompt service. Extra polite staff.”

– Susan K.

“They are professional. They come when they say they will, and they have done a great job for us.”

– Andrew D.

“Very knowledgeable with great service”

– Jean B.

“You responded when called, came and did the work needed, explained any new situations or treatments necessary and were efficient in the job and subsequent cleanup.”

– Sharyn K.

“WillowStone is the best. They provide sound advice. They do what they say they will do. I would absolutely recommend WillowStone.”

– Frank


Don’t hesitate to call or email us if you are experiencing plant health issues, seeking regular maintenance, or looking to make some changes to your landscape. We look forward to providing your landscape management solutions.