Tree & Shrub Analysis, Collingwood, ON

We analyze the form and structure of your trees from a safety perspective and perform plant health assessments.

Nurturing the trunk and branch form and structure of a young tree will ensure that the tree will be a structurally sound specimen at maturity. Analysis of a neglected mature tree’s structure will identify deformities that may be able to be corrected or stabilized. Tree & shrub analysis is an incredibly beneficial aspect of landscape maintenance and development for any property.

Tree & Shrub Analysis in Collingwood, Ontario

At WillowStone, we conduct onsite plant assessments to determine health concerns relating to disease and infestation that can become detrimental to your plants. We also analyze your plant’s surrounding environment to inspect whether or not it is receiving its ideal growing conditions and nutritional intake.

WillowStone is your partner in the preservation and longevity of your landscape investment

There are many aspects of our tree & shrub analysis that will benefit your landscape:

  • Disease & Insect Diagnosis – Management of tree and shrub diseases results from an understanding of how the disease, disorder or insect is directly affecting the plant and then deciding at what stage of its life cycle is the most appropriate time to intervene. As always, early detection is the key to successful remediation. We properly identify diseases, disorders and insect problems affecting your trees or shrubs before taking corrective action.
  • Soil-Borne Disease – Sometimes during soil analysis, we come to suspect that the root system of a tree or shrub has been infected by a soil-borne pathogen. In cases such as these, we extract a representative number of soil samples for lab analysis and may excavate the soil from the root crown and part of the root system to investigate further. The analyzed soil samples, along with analyzed root samples, allow us to confirm the identification of the soil pathogen. We can then advise you about your options.
  • Tree Planting – Soil conditions can be a limiting factor in the success of plant survival. Prior to tree and shrub planting, we perform a thorough soil analysis at the planting site. We analyze the soil texture, soil structure, soil pH and site drainage. Detailed information gathered about soil at the planting site provides us with the knowledge we need to confidently advise you regarding which species of plants would thrive in a specific area.
  • Nutrient Deficiencies – When you have plants that are exhibiting nutrient deficiencies, we extract soil samples throughout the root zone for analysis, as well as foliage samples for additional analysis. Analyses of what nutrients are available in the soil and what the plant has actually acquired through its use of available nutrients from the soil are compared. A resulting formula for short-term, medium-term, and ongoing nutrient management is then set in motion.

If you are interested in a tree & shrub analysis for your property in Collingwood, Ontario or the surrounding area, contact us at WillowStone today to get started.







At WillowStone, we provide tree & shrub analysis services for residents of Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Meaford, Mulmur, Owen Sound, Thornbury, and Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.