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We will identify soil-borne pathogens and develop the best course of action to treat and heal your landscape.

The outdoor areas where we live are a diverse ecosystem that can sometimes be fragile. When a tree or plant doesn’t perform as it should in what would typically be an ideal location, that often indicates there is something more going on than just poor plant health or a lack of water.

Soil Analysis in Collingwood, Ontario

At WillowStone, we take the entire landscape ecosystem into account, and that includes a soil analysis to determine if your soil has the components necessary to provide your trees and plants with critical nutrients. The root system of trees and shrubs is sensitive to soil-borne pathogens, which can sometimes be difficult to diagnose without the right instruments and knowledge of landscape maintenance. When we arrive to determine the issue surrounding poor tree or plant health, we can conduct a soil analysis to determine if the soil itself is part of the issue relating to unhealthy plants.

During soil analysis, we take several samples from the surrounding soil and other representative areas to send to the lab for testing. Once our samples are analyzed, we can identify nutrient deficiencies and develop the best course of action to treat your landscape. We will work with you to develop a long-term solution that offers your trees, shrubs, and plants a healthy life.

If you are interested in learning more about the soil analysis process or believe your landscape would benefit from a professional analysis in Collingwood, Ontario, contact us at WillowStone today to schedule a consultation. We are prepared to help you manage every aspect of your landscape maintenance and care.

At WillowStone, we provide soil analysis services for residents of Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Meaford, Mulmur, Owen Sound, Thornbury, and Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.


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