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The Importance of Tree Preservation Plans Before Construction

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Soil compaction, physical injury to trunks and crowns, smothered roots, exposure to the elements, and root cutting are all types of damage mature trees can suffer during construction. Trees add value to any property, so if you have plans to build a home in the near future, preparing ahead of time can prevent heavy equipment from running over mature root systems and destroying existing trees.

The Importance of Tree Preservation Plans Before Construction

Tree preservation plans can prevent the loss of trees during the home building process. We recommend having us develop a tree preservation plan before construction. This allows you to design the landscaping, driveways, and other features around existing trees and prevent major losses from an accident.

As we develop tree preservation plans, we do not always suggest preserving every tree on a potential building site. Rather, we will assess the structural integrity and health of existing trees and recommend measures for protecting and preserving them. We take into account factors like size, age, species, location, and condition of each tree when making our recommendations for preservation. As part of this process, we can also provide additional advice on which trees are more susceptible to root damage, grade changes, and soil compaction.

We can consult with your builder early on in the construction planning phase to accommodate the stipulations of your tree preservation plan. Sometimes, even just minor changes to the design or placement of your home can determine whether a critical tree will survive. We will also discuss alternative construction methods, which can include bridging over the roots instead of using a traditional walkway, for example.

Prioritize the trees at your home building site for improved curb appeal and property value. Contact us at WillowStone today for additional information about our tree preservation plans.