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Sustaining healthy plants is our ultimate goal, and with that in mind, we offer the following gypsy moth control packages to deal with this continued pest problem.

Spongy moth, formerly known as gypsy moth, is an invasive species that has had a population boom over the last few years. Many people have witnessed their trees losing leaves, being covered in caterpillars, and occasionally not surviving the stress. More than 300 trees and shrubs are susceptible to defoliation by gypsy moths.

Gypsy Moth Control in Collingwood, Ontario

This year is likely to be another year where the population is high. Natural predators are starting to have an effect on the population, but it takes time for them to reduce the population back to a balanced state where the trees remain healthy and happy. Here at WillowStone, sustaining healthy plants is our ultimate goal, and with that in mind, we offer the following gypsy moth control packages to deal with this continued pest problem:

  • In early spring (March/April), assessment of properties to determine how many egg sacs are present and therefore, the likely population level in an area.
  • In late spring (May/June), treatment with BTK, a bacterial spray that targets Lepidoptera (moth and butterfly) larvae. This is a safer gypsy moth control route than indiscriminate insecticides, as it does not kill or negatively affect other insects, such as bees. This treatment can be completed until the caterpillar’s face turns yellow, at which point it is too mature for BTK to affect it.
  • In early summer (July), treatment with a general insecticide. Unfortunately, BTK doesn’t kill caterpillars above a certain size, so if any population remains into summer, treatment with a general insecticide is required.

An alternative to sprayed insecticides is a systemic, injected insecticide. This gypsy moth control treatment is more expensive than a single treatment with a spray but lasts the whole season and can be much cheaper than repeated sprays.

After an assessment of your property has been completed, we will be able to discuss what trees you are interested in protecting/treating and what your best options are, whether that is sprayed treatments or injected treatments.

Your Collingwood, Ontario property may have a gypsy moth problem if you noticed any of the following signs last year:

    • Defoliation of trees or shrubs on yours or surrounding properties
    • Visible caterpillars (hairy with red and blue dots on body)
    • Visible egg masses (orange or pale yellow, fuzzy mounds on trees)

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At WillowStone, we provide gypsy moth control services for residents of Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Meaford, Mulmur, Owen Sound, Thornbury, and Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.