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Bronze Birch Borer, Collingwood, ON

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Keep the bronze birch borer from damaging your trees.

If you have weeping birch trees on your property, you should be wary of an infestation of the bronze birch borer. These borers will attack many species of birch tree, including yellow and gray birch trees. If one of your trees becomes infested with the bronze birch borer, the first indicator that this insect is present is a dying, wilting upper crown. On the branches and limbs of the tree, you will also find bumps and ridges. Depending on the infestation, the trunk may also have a rusty brown stain appear on it.

Bronze Birch Borer in Collingwood, Ontario

If you remove the bark where the ridges appear on a branch, you will find winding tunnels, referred to as galleries, made from the larvae that excavate the interior of the tree in the area located between the wood and bark. If left undetected or untreated, the larvae will eventually damage the entire interior of the tree, making it difficult for it to survive.

You can manage a bronze birch borer infestation with the application of insecticides. Usually, these insecticides are designed to prevent new larvae from chewing their way through the inside of the birch tree.

We can help you decide if this is the right solution to save the birch trees on your property in Collingwood, Ontario. We have years of experience treating trees infested with the bronze birch borer successfully and are here to help you maintain the health and vitality of your trees. Contact us today at WillowStone to learn more about your options if you have noticed the signs of a bronze birch borer infestation on your trees.

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