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Anthracnose, Collingwood, ON

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We can protect your trees from anthracnose.

A common fungal disease that typically affects shade trees, anthracnose results in cupping, curling, leaf spots, or early leaf drop. In the Collingwood, Ontario area, anthracnose is most apparent when the weather is wet and cool in the springtime. While not a significant threat to the health of your trees, anthracnose can lead to problems with your trees in the future if left uncontained.

Anthracnose in Collingwood, Ontario

Some of the most common signs of anthracnose include the following:

  • The development or brown or irregular spots on young leaves
  • Cupped, curled, or distorted infected leaves
  • Leaf drop happening in the spring, resulting in a second round of new leaves that develops by midsummer
  • Tan or dark brown spots on mature leaves

Many different species of trees can be affected by anthracnose. Some of these include ash, birch, butternut, black walnut, elm, maple, and oak trees.

If you have concerns about an anthracnose infestation on some of your trees, let us know. We can come and inspect your trees and recommend solutions for eliminating this common fungal disease, so your trees can continue to grow and thrive. We would also be happy to answer any questions you have about anthracnose and its common course of development.

If you want to learn more about anthracnose or you are worried about the development of this fungal disease on some of your trees, we are here to provide solutions. Contact us today at WillowStone to set up an assessment with a member of our tree care team.

At WillowStone, we can help treat trees that have anthracnose for residents of Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Meaford, Mulmur, Owen Sound, Thornbury, and Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.