Planning a New Yard? Plan Your Landscaping in the Winter.

Think of a time when you’ve enjoyed being in your yard. We are willing to wager that the memory you thought of was during a warm day or night. Most of us spend more time outdoors when the weather permits, but just because the temperatures have dropped doesn’t mean you can’t be active in improving your yard and landscaping! In fact, sometimes our best landscaping decisions are made when we have time to think and plan and plot like we do during the cold season.


Landscaping plans are a great way to occupy your cold and dark winter nights. Because landscape designs often take time, the winter is a great time to tackle this project without feeling rushed or hurried. You can feel confident that with the right landscaping design, your plants, trees and shrubs can be ready and waiting for you once the season starts to warm and the earth begins to thaw.

When working with a professional for your landscaping, you’ll find that they have ways of making things not just beautiful to look at, but also able to succeed and thrive. Plenty of soil testing and analysis can take place before it’s warm, meaning that you and your professional landscaper will have ample time to determine which plants will work best in which sections of your yard.

If you’re looking forward to creating more warm summer memories in your yard, make sure you choose professionals in landscaping who can help you make the memories you’re seeking for years to come with the proper landscaping from WillowStone.