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Plan for the long-term preservation of your trees.

Building a new home or commercial structure is an exciting process. You may have planned every detail for the actual building, but may not have put any thought about what will happen to the mature trees already located on the building site. Not thinking about the trees on the property beforehand can be a mistake – large, mature trees add value, and if you accidentally damage a tree’s critical root zone, you could have to rip out and remove the tree.

Tree Preservation in Meaford, Ontario

Tree preservation plans account for the existence of the trees on a property during the construction process and provide guidance for maintaining their health and protecting their presence. Although not every tree can be saved, proactively looking for opportunities to protect the trees on a plot of land can prevent accidental damage and preserve these assets during the construction process.

At WillowStone, we create tree preservation plans for property owners in the Meaford, Ontario area. Before construction begins, have us come in and assess the health and location of the trees that dot the landscape. We will then put together a comprehensive report that outlines how to prevent damage to critical rootzones as you move forward with construction.

Preserve the trees on your building site to protect their health, beauty, and vitality long after the building process concludes. If you have questions about what tree preservation plans include or you would like to get started, reach out to us today.

At WillowStone, we provide tree preservation plans for residents of Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Meaford, Mulmur, Owen Sound, Thornbury, and Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.