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Tree Risk Assessment Following Storms

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The primary goal of assessing trees following severe storms is to provide information regarding the level of risk posed by the tree on a target. Targets include people, structures, property, infrastructure or items of value.

Tree Risk Assessment Following Storms

This process includes determining the:

  • likelihood of failure
  • impact of the failure
  • consequences of the failure

Mitigation treatments can then follow if needed:

  • prune the tree part that is likely to fail
  • prune the tree to reduce load on the failing part, thereby reducing the risk while saving the tree’s structure
  • install structural support systems, such as cables and braces
  • remove the tree
  • modify the site to reduce the risk to the target
  • move the target or restrict usage of the area within the target zone


  • monitor the tree for health and further development of structural failure
  • assign further future tree mitigation work if necessary to reduce the risk and improve the health of the tree