Advice from Your Arborist: Make Tree Preservation a Priority Before Construction

To take advantage of their aesthetic appeal and environmental value, many homes are constructed near trees. While beneficial, proper planning with the help of an arborist is needed to preserve trees on building sites, since heavy machinery running over mature root systems easily destroys trees. People often do not plan for this during construction and do not realize the consequences until several years later when the trees on the property begin to decline.

speak with an arborist about tree preservation planning

With the help of an arborist, a tree preservation plan related to construction activities can prevent the loss of trees. These plans also identify trees that should be removed before construction due to the level of activity that will take place in the area.

Your tree preservation plan may include a variety of methods to be used during construction to protect the health and vitality of the trees on the building site. These can include all or some of the following:

  • Protecting the roots of the trees with aeration matting, which involves installing a barrier that will guard the root systems
  • Installing fencing and other barriers around the trees to avoid direct collisions caused by heavy machinery or construction workers
  • Delineating tree protection zones where no construction work can take place
  • Implementing tree protection measures that identify where root structures exist to prevent interference from underground cabling

To speak with an arborist about tree preservation planning before and during construction, contact us today at WillowStone. We are dedicated to helping you preserve the trees on your property, and with careful planning and our expertise, we can make this possible.