Tree & Shrub Establishment

If a newly planted tree or shrub is to survive and thrive in its new place in the landscape, a plant establishment program is mandatory. A newly planted tree or shrub will be under stress until its root system can fully re-grow into the backfill soil and then on into the site soil. Water is the most limiting factor for the newly planted plants. It is important that timely and adequate water be applied to the areas of the root ball and beyond.

We offer the service of plant establishment to all property owners that have recently planted trees and shrubs. We monitor soil moisture through the use of soil moisture sensors. We accurately apply the proper amount of water to raise the soil moisture to the field capacity level. Using soil moisture sensors and soil injection watering equipment ensures that we only apply the right amount of water and therefore not waste a precious resource.

Pest control, mulch replenishment, fertilizing and tree stake removal are additional elements we offer as part of our tree establishment program.